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Plagiarism in any content is one of the worst things a writer can encounter in all domains of content creation, especially in academic writing. Detecting and fixing the plagiarized content in any writing has been a very knowledge-oriented work and required a deeper level of expertise for centuries now. With the advent of modern software-based online tools, the landscape of plagiarism detection and correction has changed drastically. Online paraphrase generator has become a buzz of the day in the modern field of academic and other writings for removing the plagiarism in the text.

A large number of specialized plagiarism changer online tools have mushroomed in recent years globally to cater to the increased demand for plagiarism detection in all domains of content writings worldwide. The popularity of the tools for rephrase sentence online has also increased significantly during the past decade. A large number of universities, academic institutions, teachers, academicians, and other writers have started recommending the originality tester online tools for detecting the plagiarized content in papers, essays, research reports, and other types of writings.

Let’s have a look at paraphrasing, its techniques, and a step-by-step guide for paraphrasing, the importance of an online app that rewrites sentences, and its working principle.

What Are Paraphrasing and Sentence Paraphraser in the Writing Field?

Paraphrasing is a process of restating the idea, theory, philosophy, or any other information researched or discovered by another person in such a way that the work of the doer is acknowledged and the content is not in the same form or format other than retaining the same meaning of the idea.

Paraphrasing has been a very important part of academic as well as other research work even from the old ages, especially in the different pop cultures and societies. The concept of paraphrasing in modern online content creation has become even more important across all domains of writings. The main purpose of paraphrasing can be mentioned as listed below:

  • It is used for explaining the original work, idea, or philosophy
  • For expanding the idea from a broader perspective
  • Reflect upon the idea to the concerned audience
  • Analyzing the idea or philosophy critically
  • Introducing the personal interpretation or adjustments
  • And others

To achieve the above-mentioned purposes of paraphrasing, a standard procedure for paraphrasing the content of any researcher or scholar is developed, which is required for everybody to follow for paraphrasing the content. An online paraphraser is a free online plagiarism checker that detects the plagiarized content as well as helps paraphrase for me simultaneously.

How-to Guide on the Sentence Paraphrase Like a Pro

Manually paraphrasing is a very tricky and knowledgeable process, which requires a higher level of writing skills, expertise, and knowledge of writing standards. There are certain rules regarding the tolerability of copied content in a paraphrased version of the text that should also be strictly followed.

To paraphrase an existing content manually like a pro without getting any help from an online paragraph reworder, take the following steps:

how to paraphrase sentences
  • Step #1 – You need to read the content thoroughly so that you can understand the meaning, purpose, and objectives of the idea, theory, or philosophy. If you don’t grasp the complete information of the idea repeat reading till you fully understand it.
  • Step #2 – Take notes of the most salient points in the content. This will help you create paraphrased content accurately matching the idea of the original content.
  • Step #3 – In the third step, you need to write your own version based on your understanding of the original content and the salient points that you noted down in step #2. Note: Don’t refer to or look at the original content while creating your own copy.
  • Step #4 – Compare your version of content with the original copy in terms of the idea, objectives, and purpose of writing. You should also find out the similarities in the writing in this step if any.
  • Step #5 – Make corrections of the similarities found in step #4 (if any) and also edit your text to make it flow with your thesis or paper.
  • Step #6 – Add citation as well as the reference of the original content created by the other writer that you have paraphrased in your paper.
  • Step #7 – You can use an academic writing similarity checker to make sure that your content is 100% free from any kind of plagiarism.

Our online tool takes all of the above-mentioned steps automatically based on different algorithms implemented in the software tool to provide you with highly accurate results.

Most Useful Techniques to Rewrite Sentences Without Changing the Meaning

Many experts use different techniques and tips for paraphrasing the content manually without using an online reword machine. A few of those useful techniques and tips are listed below:

how to rewrite sentences without changing the meaning
  • Technique #1 – Use the synonym words against all words used in the original content. This technique works well in most cases. In certain cases, you may not find enough space for this technique too.
  • Technique #2 – Alter the sentence in such a way that the starting phrase goes in the end and the ending phrase goes in the start with a few other changes.
  • Technique #3 – Change the voice of the sentence – active to passive and passive to active voice – to paraphrase the original content.
  • Technique #4 – By changing the structure of the sentence is another very useful technique commonly used in the paraphrasing process.
  • Technique #5 – Reducing the clauses of the sentence is also one of the effective techniques, which are commonly used in the paraphrasing process

A specialized reword a paragraph generator is designed to use all of the above-mentioned techniques and tips to create the rephrased copy of the original text instantly.

Online Sentence Rephraser Vs Manual Rewording: Which Is Better?

The comparative characteristics and features of an online sentence changer for plagiarism and manual process are mentioned below.  

Online Paragraph Rewriter

  • It is faster and instant
  • Online paragraph rewriter is highly accurate
  • It is very simple and easy to use
  • Available for free use from anywhere in the world
  • It is simply a copy and paste detector and a paraphraser tool
  • Offers additional functions and capabilities to improve your writings
  • Does not need much expertise and deeper knowledge of the paraphrasing rules
  • Enhances the tone, effectiveness, and smoothness of your content

Manual Paraphrasing

  • Slow and time-consuming process
  • Comparatively difficult for students and other novice writers
  • It is not free like an online rephrasing sentence rephraser
  • No additional functions and benefits associated with manual paraphrasing
  • Need a high level of expertise and deeper knowledge for manual paraphrasing
  • Any additional work for improving your paper costs you money

Result: Online Vs Manual

Using an online rephrasing sentence generator for paraphrasing is much better than manual paraphrasing in terms of numerous factors.

Overview of Our Specialized Online Rephraser

Our paraphrasing generator is a highly specialized and fully featured online tool extensively used for the paraphrasing of a wide range of content. It offers numerous additional features and capabilities that improve the quality of your paper to achieve the desired bottom lines of your essay. The main features of our online paraphraser tool are listed below:

paraphrase generator features
  • Detects the plagiarized content in all types of your writing
  • Detects the source of plagiarism so that you can easily correct it
  • Helps you change the content by paraphrasing the original content
  • Detects a wide range of other grammatical mistakes
  • Finds and fixes the spelling and punctuation mistakes
  • Detects and removes the misuses of voices and prepositions
  • Improves the sentence structure and removes mistakes related to sentences
  • Provides suggestions and explanations for the detected mistakes to improve your understanding
  • Detects the tone, effectiveness, smoothness, and other aspects of your paper for better results

There are numerous reasons for the students to use our online specialized paraphrasing generator without any hesitation. A few of those reasons are listed below:

  • Higher level of accuracy
  • Instant to use through a supported browser
  • Free of charge tool for the basic functions
  • No need to get an appointment and wait in a queue
  • Options for multiple checking

How Does Our Text Rearranger Work to Check for Duplicate Content?

Our text rearranger is a very simple and easy-to-use online plagiarism detector tool. To use it you need to take the following simple steps:

  1. Copy and paste the text that you want to check for plagiarism
  2. Click the ‘Check for plagiarism’ button on the widget. Our tool starts checking your text for plagiarism
  3. Detects the plagiarized text and highlights it for easy understanding
  4. Click the highlighted text for more information about the sources of the plagiarism
  5. You are done!

If you want to make your paper free from plagiarism, take advantage of our specialized online paraphrase generator to make your text unique for free with full confidence now!