How to Rephrase a Sentence Online to Clean Your Writing from Plagiarized Content?

Get rid of spelling issues
Fix your grammatical errors
Eliminate punctuation issues
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Cleaning the content of papers, essays, research papers, and other documents has always been a tough task for both writers and editors. This problem becomes even worse for the students while doing their thesis and dissertations. According to a recent study, 58% of the students admit they used plagiarized content in their papers and thesis. The adverse impact of this huge ratio of plagiarism on the education system is tremendously huge.

Catching and editing such a huge ratio of plagiarized content manually is a very uphill task. The software-based automatic tools are the best way out to cope with this huge issue in the field of writing, especially in the academic writing domain. Nowadays, a huge portion of writers change sentence with same meaning generator online tools to clean their writings from plagiarized content.

Let’s have a look at the main benefits, stepwise procedure, and advantages of using plagiarism checker and rewriter online tools.

How Can You Benefit from Rephrase Sentences Online?

Paraphrasing is one of the most common processes that is extensively used in almost all types of professional reports, papers, and documents. It is an accepted and legal practice for using the ideas of other researchers in your work with proper citation.

There are numerous benefits of paraphrasing whether it is done manually or through a grammar checker and rephraser online. A few of those benefits are listed below:

paraphrasing benefits
  • Reduction in the use of direct quotations
  • Creation of large volumes of unique content
  • Improved quality of writing
  • Avoidance from plagiarism
  • A better understanding of the idea
  • Clearer explanation of the idea to the audience
  • Propagation of the idea to a larger audience
  • Opening up the new dimensions and angles of the original idea
  • Contribution to the research and literature
  • And many others

How to Reword Sentences in 7 Easy Steps?

The manual process of rewording sentences is a tricky one that requires expertise and knowledge of the English language and writing skills. If you have that knowledge and skills to a certain level, you can take the following simple steps to reword and compare sentences online easily.

how to rephrase sentences
  1. Read till full understanding – This is the very first and important step of rewording sentences. You need to read the sentences carefully to understand the point described in the sentences. You need to read it repetitively if the idea is not clear to you.
  2. Start noting the main points – After reading the original content until you understand, set the original content aside and take a notepad and write down the points that you understood while reading the original content.
  3. Read for the missing points – After noting down the main points, re-read the original content and note down any missing points in the original content.
  4. Write the sentences about the noted points in your own words – Start writing the sentences about the original ideas based on the noted points. This writing should be based on the two-step strategy, which says, change the structure of the sentences first and then the words.
  5. Compare the ideas of both versions – In this step, you need to read and compare the ideas of both versions of the content to ensure all points have been incorporated in paraphrased content. If any kinds of adjustments are required, do them.
  6. Insert the quotation marks for direct quotation – Sometimes, the direct quotations are required to be taken into the paraphrased version. If there are any such directly quoted terms, phrases, or notation, add quotation marks.
  7. Add citations and references – This is a very important step to acknowledge and accredit the original owner of the information or data. You should add citations in a suitable format on the pages and references at the end of the document.

If you want to use an online sentence changer to avoid plagiarism, it is very simple and easy to do that with just a few clicks.

Is It Possible to Rewrite Sentences Online Free?

Yes, it is. You can use our professional-level reword sentence online generator tool or any other specialized tool for paraphrasing your content for free. There are numerous sentence checker and rewriter tools available online for free as well as at a reasonable price.

Is Online Paragraph Rephraser an Effective Option?

Yes, it is. Any specialized online paragraphs rephraser tool like ours is an effective option to use for rephrasing the original content. Our online paragraph rephraser produces super accurate results in terms of the uniqueness and meaningfulness of the content. You can rely on our original sentence maker online tool for all types of documents to rephrase and delete duplicate sentences with full confidence.

Major Advantages of Using Our Online Paraphrase Machine

Our online paraphrase machine and plagiarism tracker platform offers a comprehensive set of features, functions, and capabilities, which can make your text one of the best pieces that you desire for. Our online sentence rearranger offers help on tweaking your paper from a wide range of aspects like professionalism, writing standards, grammatical norms, and others.

The major advantages offered by our specialized paraphrase machine and sentence similarity checker tool are listed below:

paraphrase machine benefits
  • Super accuracy – The most important benefit offered by our specialized online tool is the level of accuracy of finding plagiarized content and creating the paraphrased content is much higher than many other tools in the marketplace. It is one of the best tools, which all types of writers rely upon without any hesitation.
  • Faster results – Our online tool is accessible through supported browsers instantly from anywhere in the world. It takes a few seconds to check and rephrase the content with great results.
  • Highly featured – The users of our tool can benefit from a wide range of features and capabilities offered by our online similar phrases finder tool. Those features include the detection of tone, effectiveness, and smoothness of the writing to make it the most suitable for the audience. In addition to these features, our online platform detects almost all types of grammatical errors in the text to make it free from all grammatical mistakes. The correction of punctuation and spelling in the text is also accomplished by our online tool.
  • Greater availability – Our specialized sentence rephraser is available round the clock 24×7 without any interruption. You can access it at any time without waiting in a queue at all.
  • Free of cost – Our online tool is available for free with the basic features. You can enhance the subscription with a very little fee to enjoy all the advanced features and capabilities to make your writing highly professional and awesome.
  • Writing quality improvement – Working with our online paraphraser will help you improve the quality of your writing significantly.
  • Learning options – You improve your understanding of paraphrasing and plagiarism correction by using our professional-grade online rephraser and plagiarism detecting tool.
  • Unlimited turns to use – Our tool offers you unlimited access with the subscribed features to use unlimited times in a day or month so that you can check and change till you are satisfied with the final copy.

What Makes Our Sentence Rewriter So In-Demand Among Students and Writers?

Our online sentence rewriter tool is in high demand in students and a wide range of other writers in the fields of writing. There are many reasons for this high demand for our tool. A few of those reasons are listed below:

  • Highly reliable results of paraphrased content
  • Fully free from any kind of plagiarism
  • Detects tone, texture, the effectiveness of the text
  • Finds and fixes all sentence structure mistakes
  • Catches and corrects misuses of active and passive voices
  • Detects and fixes run-on sentences, comma splices, and fragment sentences
  • Finds and fixes both title capitalization and text capitalization mistakes
  • Finds and fixes all types of grammatical errors
  • Corrects spelling mistakes in your entire text
  • Fixes the punctuation mistakes in your paper
  • Helps you find and fix the misuses of word choices in sentences
  • Catches and corrects the subject and verb disagreements
  • And much more

How Does Duplicate Sentence Finder Detects Plagiarized Content?

A specialized duplicate sentence finder online tool finds the plagiarized content within a few seconds through an automated software program powered by the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and others.

To check plagiarized content, take the following steps:

  1. Copy and paste the content that you want to check for plagiarized text into the widget
  2. Click the ‘check the text” button to check plagiarized content. Our tool compares the text with all the matching text on the internet.
  3. It highlights the text if found the duplicated content in your text.
  4. Click the highlighted text to see more information about the plagiarized content.
  5. You are done!

If you want to make a highly accurate and unique copy of your original content, use our specialized tool to rephrase a sentence on our website with super accuracy!