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Sentence Rephraser Overview

Sentence converter is a reliable sentences helper trusted by students, publishers, and top researchers. If you were to conduct a random street survey, you will find that most people learned basic grammar rules in school. Upon further inquiry, you will also likely discover that many have since forgotten much of what they learned. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional writer, it can be hard to determine where to insert a comma, apostrophe, or even whether using prepositions in your sentences is bad or not.
And that’s where sentence converter comes in. This free online sentence formality converter helps you rewrite, rephrase, paraphrase, and reword sentences and paragraphs in your articles, essays, emails, and word documents without changing their meaning. Thanks to the hundreds of rarely used phrases and vocabulary contained in our tool, you can easily reword sentences in your work using the randomly suggested synonyms.
On top of being a sentence paraphrasing tool, our sentence converter is also an excellent vocabulary improvement tool. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, and neural network technologies to understand the context of your texts and discover better synonyms, ultimately giving you the most appropriate words to use.

How to Ensure Your Writing Is 100% Plagiarism-Free with Sentence Changer

It’s every writer’s dream to create unique, high-quality content that builds their credibility and inspires action. Unfortunately, writing new texts from scratch can be challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with the topic. On the other hand, however, you can choose the easier way by rephrasing your already existing work. The only problem with the latter method is that you need to alter the words of the text, without significantly affecting its meaning. Which is a difficult art to master itself.

By using our tool to paraphrase sentence online, you can create human-friendly, unique, and engaging content with minimal effort. Along with helping you spin content, a sentence converter can also help you develop additional content ideas by altering the sentence structure of already published articles on your site. At the end of it all, you’ll have 100% unique and valuable content for your readers.

Sentence Converter Capabilities

On top of being a sentence reworder, our tool performs other core functions to improve your writing, making it one of the most versatile grammar improvement tools of its kind in the market. Here are some of its supplemental capabilities.

Complex Sentence to Simple Sentence Converter    

Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with using long and elaborate sentences in your texts, they can make it hard for your readers to understand what you’re trying to say. Still, complex sentences can potentially dilute your message, and in the worst-case scenario, leave your ideas hanging. Can your tool help reword my sentence? You may be wondering…Or better yet, can it help make my sentences better? The answer is yes. With the help of our sentence rewriter, however, you can easily and effectively change complex sentence to simple sentence without compromising the idea behind it.

Sentence Rephraser

“Rephrase my sentences” is one of the most commonly searched items on Google. And this is because writing high-quality essays take much more than having a good command of English. You also need to dedicate countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears editing your work. Worse still, hiring a professional editor doesn’t come cheap, which is why many students use online rewrite sentences generator/s like ours to resolve this problem. Our rephrasing sentences generator allows you to generate unique essays, thanks to its use of advanced AI, deep learning, and neural network technologies.

Sentence Formality Converter

When looking to make a first good impression on your readers, what you write isn’t the only primary factor to consider when writing your text. How you word your text is also equally important. With that said, choosing the right formality level can be challenging considering that formality is based on context and how well you know the reader. As such, you have to second-guess many things, including how the readers will interpret the tone of your message. Our comprehensive tool will help you find the appropriate context-based words to deliver your message as intended.

Sentence Structure Converter

Run-on sentences are some of the most commonly occurring grammar mistakes. It mainly entails incorporating two independent clauses in a sentence without separating them using a period, semicolon, or coordinating conjunction. Run-on sentences not only distort the sentence structures but also make them clumsy. Our professional sentence changer helps you to identify all the technical and structural errors in your sentences, and ultimately, offer suggestions on how to correct them.

Passive Voice Detector

When you include a passive voice in your sentences, it essentially means that the subject being acted upon, as opposed to doing the acting. Professional writers avoid using a passive voice because it overshadows the object, makes sentences needlessly longer, and makes it hard to understand the message. How to go from passive to active voice or how to change passive voice to active voice is not necessarily easy, especially if you are using manual proofreading. But with the help of our passive voice to active voice converter tool, you can easily identify and correct various passive voice variants. And the good thing about our passive voice changer is that it can be used by students to correct academic papers, entrepreneurs for official documents, job seekers for resumes, professional writers for their blogs, and teachers to improve their writing skills.

Sentence Tense Converter

Our sentence converter helps detect and correct the wrong use of present, past, and future tenses based on the context of your work. Along with that, it also helps identify wrong verb forms and improper verb form shifts, and recommends the appropriate changes.
Our tool is AI-driven, which gives it the ability to create unique and complex sentences without altering the meaning behind the original sentences.

Why Our Tool is the #1 Sentence Converter on the Market?

Saves Time

Writing an article from scratch and manually editing it can be time-consuming. With our tool, however, you can significantly reduce the time spent writing and proofreading and focus on other important things.

Free to Use

Unlike most paid-for paraphrasing tools, our sentence converter is 100% free to use, plus you don’t need to create an account. Along with that, it is cloud-hosted, making it available anytime and from anywhere.

Huge library of words

Sentence converter contains a huge library of unique words and phrases, making it the go-to tool to create sophisticated but equally meaningful sentences.

Secure and Confidential

Our tool is designed with your security and utmost confidentiality in mind. Our servers are protected against attacks by powerful web application firewalls and all data transfers are secured using SSL encryption technology. You’ll also be happy to learn that we don’t use your content to train our AI models, and neither do we save it on our servers.

Available as a Browser Add-on

Our add-on is compatible with all browsers and it comes in handy in offering tips on how to improve your online texts such as e-mail, social media posts, and blog posts. To guarantee your privacy, our browser add-on doesn’t store your content.

Integrates with MS Office

Whether you’re working on an essay, dissertation, a book, or even a blog post, our tool will help you deliver error-free typed office documents.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use Sentence Rewriter

Using our free online sentence converter is an easy and straightforward process:
1) Start by visiting our site.
2) Next, type directly on the blank text editor or copy the typed text from a word processing program and paste it on the blank field. If you’re using the tool as an add-on, it will automatically identify mistakes in your sentences and offer the appropriate suggestions.
3) Press the convert/rephrase button, and the tool will automatically start converting your text. Our tool also works as a random and contextual sentence generator, passive checker, and sentence formality converter, so be sure to click the right command.
4) Once done checking your work, the tool will give suggestions depending on the command chosen.
5) Implement the suggestions you deem appropriate, copy and paste the text back to its original program.

Who Needs Sentence Rephraser?

StudentsAs a student, your teachers and professors expect your essay papers to be coherent and free from any errors. But let’s be honest, no one, including native English students, is immune from making silly grammar mistakes. That’s why rewording your essays is absolutely critical in ensuring that they’re coherent and have a logical flow.

Professional WritersIn today’s world of “text speaks,” even a casually written 50-character thought needs to be clearly expressed, or otherwise, the idea may fail to achieve the intended impact if delivered messily. Unfortunately, even expert writers with decades of writing experience can occasionally get tripped up by the finer details of the Queen’s language. Worse still, publishing plagiarized has ruined the reputation of many professional writers, gotten some fired, and even made it extremely difficult to obtain another job. If you have to edit or reword sentences to avoid plagiarism in your work, our automated original sentence maker will ensure you’re putting out quality and 100% unique work for your readers.

Fictional and non-fictional authors are constantly editing novels and short stories. Whether you are a beginner or have many books under your belt, you need a self-editing tool like ours to give your stories more depth and improve their logical flow.

If you are a student, professional writer, or author, try our effective sentence convertor today, and start seeing improvements in your texts!