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The importance to rewrite my sentence or a paragraph is very high in both academic and modern web-based content writing fields because both writing domains need large volumes of unique and 100% accurate content. In academic writings, you need to justify your research in reference to the information and data created by the previous researchers. That information is required to be paraphrased with the citation in your paper to avoid copyright infringement.

Similarly, web content plays a key role in website indexing and providing valuable information to the readers. For this purpose, a huge quantity of fresh and unique text is required for online posting regularly. To cater to this increased demand for content, the use of an automatic paraphraser to rephrase my sentence is very helpful.

Let’s talk about the purpose, examples, and tips on how to rewrite paragraph and also talk about the top features of a duplicate content finder tool in this article.

Main Purpose of Sentence Writing and the Reword Sentence

The main purpose of writing a sentence is to depict your idea into a group of words or express yourself in a combination of words, commonly referred to as a sentence. There are certain objectives of depicting your idea into words, which are used for achieving a specific goal of the communication through either writing or rewording a sentence or a piece of the paragraph.

The main purposes of expressing idea into sentences can be summarized into a few major points as follows:

  • Expressing yourself to the audience/readers
  • Providing information to the targeted segment of people
  • Developing literature of common interest in a particular field like literary work, etc.
  • Persuading the audience on the point that you are advocating

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, you can either create your own content or use existing content and reword sentences online free, and then compare two documents for plagiarism check online.

Top Tips and Tricks on How to Rephrase a Sentence Super Accurately

How do you rewrite a sentence to not be copy and paste? The simple answer to this question is that you should have command over all major writing skills that a professional writer must possess. You should also have a deeper knowledge of modern writing standards, grammatical rules, and tips and tricks governing the process to rephrase a sentence in English.

Let’s look at the top useful tips and tricks on how to rephrase a sentence, which is 100% accurate and unique in terms of plagiarism:

how do you rewrite a sentence to not be copy and paste
  • Try to start your sentence from a different position – It is a great idea that you start rewording the original sentence from a different phrase or clause and connect the other phrases that express the idea of the main sentences through a suitable linking word.
  • Try to break the sentence into multiple segments – This is one of the simple and easy-to-follow tips. In this trick, you can break the idea of the original sentence into multiple small sentences separated by a full stop. You can also make short independent clauses and connect them with certain linking words.
  • Using the same meaning words – This approach is very useful for simple writing schemes in which the original words such as verbs, adjectives, prepositions, certain common nouns, and adverbs can be easily replaced with the synonyms of the original words. The unique content check is very important to ensure the uniqueness of content.
  • Try to change the original sentence structure – The sentence structure change can make the rephrasing easier. In this case, you can change the voice of the sentence to make it 100% unique. This technique works great if the original content is extensively in passive voice.
  • Try to use a paraphrase tool online – The most useful and attractive trick for writers is to use an online tool that can paraphrase your text into 100% unique content, which is also super accurate. You can also use a free originality checker to ensure the uniqueness of the content instantly.

In What Cases Is a Rephrase Sentence Generator the Best Option?

The use of a rephrase sentence generator and a text similarity checker has become one of the best options to go for almost all types of writers. In those fields where the required volume of unique content is huge, the use of rephrase sentence generator is very high. A few very important cases in which an online paragraph writer is considered as the best option, are mentioned below:

cases when free originality checker is helpful
  • Academic writing – Academic writing is one of the largest fields in which the literature review, abstract, and discussion section can use the rephrasing tools extensively to create unique content from the original research conducted by a wide range of researchers in the past. Just, you need to put proper citation and references on the paraphrased content.
  • Web content – Content is king in the modern web environment. In a highly competitive internet-based web ecosystem, unique, valuable, informative, and attractive content is the most desirable component to achieve the stipulated objectives.
  • Search Engine optimization – The indexing of websites is highly influenced by unique and valuable content. An informative article can be rephrased and reused to maintain the uniqueness and value of the content by using a copy paste detector and paraphraser tool.
  • Knowledge-bases and blogs – Creating blogs and knowledge bases are other major domains where the use of a website that sees similarity between two texts and paraphrases into the unique content is very desirable and useful.
  • Book writing and training – The use of the rephraser tool is the best option in developing lectures, presentations, eBooks, books, and other material.

This is very important to note that paraphrasing any content with proper citation is extensively used in many other fields and cases. It is legally legitimate to paraphrase the content with the proper citation in any content creation. So, the accurate and effective use of online paraphrasers and plagiarism checkers leaves a desirable impact on many industries and fields.

A Few Examples of Paraphrased Sentences by Our Text Rewriter

Our online text rewriter is a specialized tool that implements all useful tips, tricks, rules, and conditions of paraphrasing through modern algorithms into the software platform. It creates highly accurate, meaningful, and unique content as expressed in the following examples.

Example #1: “With the spread of Coronavirus, the global economy is going through very serious crises due to the impact on economies of European countries, Brazil, UK, India, the USA, and others. A proper drive for vaccination can reduce the impact in the future.”

Paraphrased version: “The outbreak of coronavirus damaged the economies of major countries like the US, India, Brazil, UK, and other European countries. Due to the effect of those economies, the economy of the world is passing through grave turbulence. The reduction of this impact in the future is possible with the effective vaccination drive.”

Example #2: “William Wordsworth is known as the poet of nature because he would focus mainly on poetry depicting the beauty of nature.”

Paraphrased version: “Because of the main focus of William Wordsworth on writing the poetry about the beauty of nature, he is referred to as the poet of nature.”

Example #3: “Due to the scarcity of food in poor countries, people are compelled to starve. International agencies should step up to counter this catastrophe.”

Paraphrased version: “Population is forced to starve in the poor nations owing to the acute shortage of food. To cope with this calamity, international organizations should come forward.”

Full Range of Capabilities of Specialized Sentence Converter Tool

The main capability of our specialized tool is to paraphrase the sentences and paragraphs into another copy of a unique piece while maintaining the meaning and accuracy of the original content. Other than this core capability, our sentence converter tool has the following capabilities:

paragraph rewriter features
  • Checking and detecting the plagiarized text
  • Providing the source of plagiarism
  • Detecting and deleting other grammatical mistakes
  • Finding and fixing the misuses of active and passive voices
  • Detecting and correcting the structures of the sentences
  • Finding verb-subject disagreements
  • Catching preposition and adjective related mistakes
  • Correcting punctuation and spelling mistakes
  • Detecting the tone and effectiveness of writing
  • Detecting run-on, fragments, and comma splicing in sentences
  • And much more

How to Use Our Copy and Paste Checker Online Tool?

You can use our copy and paste checker online tool by following a few very simple steps online. Take the following steps to use our online tool efficiently:

  1. Copy and paste the text that you want to check for content plagiarism into the text field or widget on our online tool
  2. Click the ‘check the text’ button. The online tool checks the text automatically for any kind of plagiarized content and highlights the plagiarized content
  3. Click the highlighted content to see more details and correction options
  4. You are done!

If you are looking for a specialized online tool to rephrase your content super accurately, run your text through our professional-level paragraph rewriter right now!