Comprehensive Sentence Checker: Fixing Run-on Error, Fragments, Sentence Structure, Punctuation, and More

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How to fix fragments and run on sentences as well as other mistakes in my paper to make it a perfect piece of writing? Different methods and techniques had been used in different eras to answer this question. The online sentence enhancer for correcting fragments and run-ons in paragraphs is one of the most effective ways nowadays.

A large number of specialized online tools for checking and fixing a wide range of mistakes are available in the market that is used by a large number of students, teachers, and other writers for making their writings free from all errors related to the English sentences. Let’s have a look at the importance and salient features of a comprehensive sentence improver online tool in this article.

Why Take Special Care of Complete Sentence Checker and Revision?

According to the University of Technology Sydney information, different types of sentence errors such as sentence fragments, run-on sentences, comma splices, and subject-verb disagreement, make a large portion of the writing mistakes. Any writing full of sentence structure mistakes would fail to achieve the desired outcome of that particular writing. A paper with sentence mistakes may result in the following consequences:

  • Rejection of writing
  • Low grading of the paper
  • No impression on the audience
  • Denial of proposal
  • Loss of confidence
  • Reduced business outcome
  • And much more
consequences of paper without revision

To avert the disastrous outcome of your writings, you should be very much careful of checking the complete writing by examining every paragraph and sentence of your writing to find out those mistakes. Once you find those mistakes, you need to fix them so that your writing produces the desired results. Thus, you need to take special care to analyze sentence structure online and fix them carefully.

Overview of an Online Run on Sentence Checker

A run-on sentence is the combination of two complete phrases, which are not connected to describe the relationship between those two phrases properly. In most cases, the missing items include the punctuation marks such as comma, full stop, and semicolon and the linking words like when, and, where, and others.


Run-on sentence: In survey results, an overwhelming majority of the population agrees that people have become so selfish however only 5% believe they are selfish.

Correct sentence: In survey results, an overwhelming majority of the population agrees that people have become so selfish. However, only 5% believe they are selfish.

You can identify the run-on sentences by following two methods – either manual proofreading or an online tool. For detecting and fixing the run-on sentences manually, you need to have command over the grammatical rules governing the definition and correction of run-on sentences and related mistakes. Take the following proofreading steps to detect and fix the run-on sentences:

how to fix fragments and run on sentences
  • Read your text very carefully
  • Detect the missing commas that separate two phrases of a sentence
  • Find and fix the run-on by putting either a full stop or comma between those two phrases
  • Detect the missing conjunction between the two phrases and add it suitably
  • You can also choose any professional editor or proofreader for this purpose

A run on detector online is very simple and easy to fix run-on sentences as well as to fix my punctuation mistakes in my text. A sentence quality checker can help you:

  • Detect and provide suggestions to fix run-on sentences
  • Improve the structures of the sentences
  • Detect the verb-subject disagreements in a sentence
  • Detect and fix the fragments in a sentence
  • Enhance the quality of your writing
  • And much more

Sentence Fragment Checker Overview

A sentence fragment is a part of a sentence, commonly referred to as a dependent clause, which is not able to produce the thought of the sentence without the support of an independent clause. If a dependent clause is used as a sentence, it is called a sentence fragment.


Sentence fragment: Due to heavy rain.

Correct sentence: Due to heavy rain, the bridge has been closed for traffic.  

The sentence fragment issues can be resolved manually through careful proofreading of the text by an expert editor who has command over the rules and regulations that govern the detecting and fixing of the sentence fragment issues in your text. A fragment finder online tool can help you overcome the issues related to the manual proofreading of your text. The main features offered by an online grammar tool to check for incomplete sentences include:

  • Detects broken sentences that don’t provide a thought
  • Detects connection between dependent and independent clauses
  • Provides suggestions for correcting the fragmented sentences
  • Improves the simplicity and effectiveness of your writing
  • Offers the function of sentence punctuation checker online
  • Helps you improve the quality of your writing comprehensively

A Quick Overview of an Incomplete Sentence Checker

It is very crucial to have complete and meaningful sentences in all kinds of your writing to produce the desired bottom lines of the writings. If your writing contains certain incomplete sentence mistakes, your piece of writing will be just a waste of time. A paper with incomplete sentences would result in the following troubles:

  • Low grading
  • Failure in exams
  • Reduced reputation
  • Deterioration in your confidence
  • Wastage of precious time and money
  • Bad impression on the audience for the future projects too
  • And much more

So, you need to make your writing free from all kinds of mistakes related to incomplete sentences and other grammatical rules and standards. How to find incomplete sentences free online? A specialized sentence changer generator can help you make your piece of text error-free writing.

A professional-grade sentence changer improves your writing by offering your numerous functions, features, and capabilities such as:

  • Detects and fixes all types of incomplete sentences in your text
  • Finds and corrects run-on sentences and sentence fragments
  • Simplifies the complex and vague sentences
  • Improves the tone and texture of your writing
  • Makes it free from other grammatical errors
  • Finds and resolves spelling and punctuation mistakes
  • And much more

An Introduction to Simple and Complex Sentence Checker

A simple sentence is the combination of words that has all parameters required for building a sentence, which produces the meaning very clearly without any ambiguity or explanation. The simple sentences are mostly the basic structures of the sentences that have:

  • Sentences with just one clause
  • It should have subject and predicate
  • Should have only one verb
  • Single-subject without any qualifiers
  • All parts of the sentence should be located at their designated grammatical position

On the other hand, a complex sentence has at least one dependent and one independent clause in the sentence. This is a type of sentence in which multiple dependent clauses are also possible. The compound sentences may have more than one independent clause. The main characteristics of a complex sentence are listed below:

  • A sentence with two clauses – dependent and independent ones.
  • The dependent clauses can be either one or more than one
  • Should have only one independent clause
  • Should have a proper linking conjunction or punctuation marks

If you keep all of the above-mentioned points regarding the detection of simple and complex sentences, you can easily detect and convert compound to simple sentences manually. You can also use an online simple and compound sentence corrector tool for that purpose.

While checking for the types of sentences, you should keep the following main points in mind:

complete sentence check
  • The sentence should be very easy to understand the desired meaning
  • No tautology in the predicate or even the main components of sentence exist
  • Sentences should be in active voice as much as possible
  • The connection between multiple clauses should be clear
  • And others

A website that convert the simple sentence into compound is very helpful for your to detect any kinds of mistakes related to the complexity of the sentences instantly with a great level of accuracy.

Additional Functions of an Online Sentence Structure Checker

An online paraphrase generator tool is a comprehensive platform for improving the quality of your writing. An online sentence detector is capable of correcting a wide range of mistakes related to sentence structure as mentioned in the article. Other than the above-mentioned functions, a simple sentence detector offers the following additional functions too.

#1. Improving sentence quality

The online tools improve the quality of the sentences in any writing tremendously by correcting different types of mistakes and simplifying the structure of the sentence. The simplified sentences in accordance with the writing standards and grammatical rules enhance the quality of your writing to achieve the objectives of the writing substantially.

#2. Fixing of sentence structure

An online sentence checker fixes all issues related to the structures of your paper, paragraphs, and sentences in your essay. You can have highly accurate results that you can rely upon without any hesitation.

#3. Grammar and punctuation errors

A professional-level sentence checker can detect all types of grammatical mistakes such as misuses of nouns and pronouns, active and passive voices, and adjectives. It can also detect and help fix preposition mistakes, conjunction, and verb-related mistakes. You can also detect and fix punctuation and spelling mistakes easily.

#4. Plagiarism detection

It can detect any plagiarized content in your writing. This makes your writing unique and free from any kind of plagiarism.

#5. Tone detection

An online tool is able to detect the tone of your text so that you can make your paper 100% suitable for the targeted audience.

If you are looking for a specialized sentence checker to improve the quality of your paper by fixing run-on, fragments, and other errors, try our online sentence enhancer now!