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The balanced use of passive and active voice makes the writing a good piece. Both active and passive voices are the backbone of different writing styles, but the excessive use of passive voice in any writing is not encouraged by many writing standards, universities, and linguists. Those institutes and experts believe that the extensive use of passive voice in academic writings makes them more vague, complex, responsibility evasion, and other such things.

Thus, many writers prefer active voice sentences in writings and use an online active voice changer tool, software for passive active writing to keep the use of passive voice at a balanced level. For this purpose, a large number of active voice checker online tools are available in the market nowadays.

An Overview: Active, Passive and Passive Voice Checker

Active Voice

An active voice is a type of sentence structure in which the subject directly acts upon the subject through the specific verb. The predicate of the sentence normally goes at the end of the sentence.

Example 1: Larry operates a lathe machine in the factory.

Example 2: He scored seven goals in a football match yesterday.

The use of active voices is highly recommended in the following cases:

when to use active voice
  • Literature reviews
  • To express ideas clearly
  • To fix direct responsibility
  • Business communication
  • Emails and chats
  • In precise and summary
  • In all academic papers
  • Blogs and web articles

Passive Voice

Passive voice is a kind of sentence structure in which the subject of the sentence is acted upon by the verb through the object of the sentence. In other words, the object of the sentence acts like a subject and acts upon the subject via action denoted by the verb.

Example 1: A lathe machine is operated by Larry in the factory.

Example 2: Seven goals were scored by him in a football match yesterday.

Generally, the excessive use of passive voice in any kinds of writing is not recommended. But, the moderate use of passive voice is suitable in the following cases:

when to use passive voice
  • When the doer of work is not relevant
  • When the doer of work unknown
  • To describe the general truth
  • To express scientific researches and experiments
  • To emphasis the importance of the subject that is acted upon
  • To express a vague story
  • And others

A Comprehensive Guide: How to Change a Sentence from Passive to Active Voice?

How to go from passive to active voice manually? You need to have command over the rules and regulations that govern the procedure of changing active voice sentence to passive voice sentence. If you are new to this procedure, follow the below mentioned step-by-step comprehensive guide with a sample example on how to make a passive sentence active:

Sample: The latest research has been reviewed by him in the university.

Subject: Him (in objective or agent position)

Object: The latest research (in subjective form)

Main verb: Reviewed (Past participle form)

Auxiliary verb: Has been (passive form)

Extension: In the university

how to make a passive sentence active

Step #1: Change objective form of the subject (agent) to subject of the sentence

This means, you need to change the “him” from agent position to the start of sentence in the subjective form “He”.

Step #2: Move subject to the object position by changing the format from subjective to objective

In this case the object is “The latest research”. It should be placed at the end of the sentence in objective format, which is the same “The latest research”.

Step #3: Change the form of main verb according to the associated tense

In this example, sentence belong to present perfect tense; so, the main verb will remain “reviewed”

Step #4: Change the auxiliary verb according to the associated tense

The sentence in our consideration is in present perfect tense; so, the auxiliary verb will become “has”.

Step #4: Place the extension at the end of the sentence

In this case, the extension is “In the university”. Thus, the active voice of the passive sentence in our example becomes: “He has reviewed the latest research in the university.”

If you find it very difficult to follow these rules to translate sentences to passive voice or active voice, you can use our active to passive sentence changer online tool without any hesitation for highly accurate results.

Most Common Mistakes to Consider While Working with Active and Passive Voice App

Writing active and passive sentence conversion is a tricky procedure in which the chances of mistakes are huge. So, you should take care of the following most likely common mistakes in the process:

  • Conversion of subjective and objective forms of pronouns
  • Mixing up of tenses
  • Conversion of auxiliary verb formats
  • Missing out past participle forms of verbs
  • Confusion among the actor and other participants
  • Changing of intransitive verbs into passive
  • Misuse of irregular verbs
  • And others

Introduction to Specialized Passive Voice Corrector

A specialized passive voice finder is a web-based software tool to rephrase my sentence from passive to active voice and vice versa. It checks your entire text online and marks misuses of voices as well as suggests making certain changes required to refine your text to a very high quality.

A passive sentence checker online tool is a cloud-based application, in which the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and others are implemented through different software-based algorithms. You can access this online platform through a supported web browser or through an application or a browser plugin. Normally, these tools have numerous additional features other than the specific functions.

Top Features and Capabilities of Our Passive Voice Converter

Our online active voice translator and sentence fixer tool is highly featured with advanced capabilities to check and correct active voice and passive voice related mistakes easily. It is fully capable of converting all passive voice sentences into active voice and active voice sentences into passive voice simultaneously.

Our professional-grade passive voice converter tool has become one of the most popular and reliable tools in a wide range of writers such as students, web users, researchers, business users, and others. Web users can make their writings so simple, effective, and accurate through our online tool.

The main reasons of this huge popularity of our tool in web users and other writers are mentioned below:

passive to active voice converter features
  • Higher reliability – The reliability of results produced by our online passive to active voice converter is very high. It is considered as one of the most reliable tools that produce highly accurate results of sentence conversion and correction by numerous universities, linguists, and language institutes.
  • Rich features – Our online tool provides a wide range of features that are highly desirable for making your text of super quality. The main features can be classified into the core features and the additional features. The core features include the detection of misuses of active and passive voices and correct them accordingly. You can convert specific voices of the sentences as per your requirements of the article. The additional features include the correction of other grammatical mistakes such as misuses of nouns, pronouns, adverbs, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, and others. It is also capable of finding and fixing punctuation and spelling mistakes simultaneously.
  • Cost and time saving – Our online tool is free to use with the basic features. It is much faster and produces results within a few seconds. Thus, you save substantial time and money.
  • Availability and accessibility – Our specialized passive voice detector is a cloud-based application, which is available 24×7. You can access it from anywhere in the world through a supported browser instantly without any waiting queue.
  • Learning capability – Our specialized tool offers you suggestive learning options, which help you improve your understanding of grammar and writing skills.

Top Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Passive Voice Editor

To check whether you have chosen the right passive voice editor, verify the following signs.

  • The results of the tool should be super accurate
  • Should offer detection and conversion of active/passive voice misuses
  • Should have ability to check grammatical and punctuation mistakes
  • It must be super-fast in speed and performance
  • It should be accessible from anywhere instantly
  • Spelling checking and word choice functions are must
  • Should have features of tone, effectiveness, and flow detection
  • It should have capability to detect plagiarized content
  • It should be free to use
  • And much more

How Does Our Active to Passive Sentence Converter Software Work?

Our active to passive sentence converter software works like a simple web-based cloud application. You need to take the following simple steps to accomplish your task.

  1. Copy and paste the text that you want to convert
  2. Click the “check my text” button run the software
  3. Misuses and mistakes are detected and highlighted
  4. Click the highlighted words and sentences for correction
  5. You are done!

If you are looking for an excellent online passive to active voice converter, try our specialized passive voice checker online tool to get the best results right now!